LIVE ACIM: Living A Course in Miracles, was a live online interactive satsang series hosted by mystic Sarah St. Claire designed to expose the most pertinent questions arising in "the mind" each week, so we can relax back into the eternal Answer together using the teachings of ACIM.

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Dandelion Leaves

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The LIVE ACIM Satsang Series was freely offered live and will now be edited and formatted for easy online streaming. This is a not-for-profit devotional extension designed purely to serve the Awakening Mind. Your support, contribution and participation is all that allows it to unfold.  Volunteers welcome for transcribing, editing, proof reading and translating.

LIVE ACIM is an Inspired show offered for joyful joining and present peace.

Please note, by signing up for and attending the live satsang you give ACIM LIVE permission to record and use your image, voice, name and likeness in all multi media platforms in perpetuity for Awakening purposes only.

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